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Thread: My New 1991 Centuruion

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    Default My New 1991 Centuruion

    So i just got this last weekend. Had my buddy drive 500 miles to get it for me since i'm currently deployed and couldnt get it myself. This is the first centurion i've owed, although I did have a 1982 Bronco. She was my baby had 351w with C6 trans and 9" rear, lifted 6 inches with 33's. I sold that when i left Fort Riley.

    So on to my new baby!! She has the 351w motor with the auto trans. Has the dana 60 kingpin front axel with the sterling 10.25 rear. Body is pretty good just a few rust spots. The roof has some rust on it can feel it through the top. When the top is pulled off i'll have them send me some pics so i can see extent of the damage. Well pics say a thousand words so here's some pics
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