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Thread: Need swap 460 engine to diesel for 89 ford cabriolet

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    Default Need swap 460 engine to diesel for 89 ford cabriolet

    Hi gays if anyone know a place were i can get replaced 460 engine to diesel and what diesel engine i will needed thx. Also can i haul 3 car hauler trailer with this truck

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    Default Re: Need swap 460 engine to diesel for 89 ford cabriolet

    ive just fitted a cummins and allison box into my 89 cabriolet, their is pictures on here if you have a look. not the easiest of swaps but i think its worth the effort i like the cummins. i have seen these trucks pulling car trailers, the cummins will certainly have the power to haul it just depends on what you want really time, money and all that comes into it. can you do the work or do you have to hand it over to someone? if thats the case its gonna cost init. good luck with it, keep us all posted on what you decide.

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