I'm looking for a 35x12.50x16.5 BFG MT. Original style, not the KM2. Actually, I don't think you can get the KM2 in a 16.5, pretty sure they quit making them. Anyway, ran a carriage head bolt through one and it violently blew out so I now have 3 nice looking tires that need a buddy to get back on the road. I'd buy 2 or 3 or 4 I guess if the price were right. On another oddball note, I have a set of 3 16.5x10 aluminum weld rims if anybody is interested. 4th one busted. (Not the set from the previously mentioned blow out). On the bright side, I guess I could mount the 3 BFG's on the 3 Weld rims if anyone has a 3 wheeled 1 ton out there.