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Thread: Looking for a V-10 2 valve

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    Default Looking for a V-10 2 valve

    Hey Ya'll, just fell into an Excursion with a seized motor, sure looks pretty sitting next to it's Grandpa C-150. Any help on finding a longblock V-10 would be appreciated(the one for sale on FTE is a 3-valve, I'm the one he had to refund cause he misrepresented the years it will work on). Thanks all.

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    Default Re: Looking for a V-10 2 valve

    If you can swing it get a long block from the ford dealer, the warranty I think is about three years and 70'000 miles. That's what I did for a '99 F350 work truck we have when the spark plug threads went bad just after I bought it.
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    Default Re: Looking for a V-10 2 valve

    You know they have inserts to rethread 4.6/5.4/6.8 heads, right heatmiser? Do they pretty regularly at work. If done correctly, you can still change a plug with no issues at a later time, too.


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