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Thread: 10.25 Sterling rear disc brake conversion

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    This thread is locked, I want to keep it strictly installation instructions.

    If you are researching the conversion, have comments, or questions, please post them HERE On the Four Door Bronco site, or OVER HERE On The Diesel Stop

    There is already tons of good reading.

    This installation uses Cadillac Calipers from a 1976 Eldorado. There are people working on conversions sticking with Ford parts and when they get done I will be happy to link that here.

    I don't think this will work with 15" rims. I know it will fit 16" and bigger.

    We will start with the parts you need to get.
    I will list part numbers, and prices I found, not always the cheapest.

    1) Two rotors for a 1996 E-350 460 CI/7.5L single rear wheel van. It will have a standard bolt pattern, and will slip over the hub. Napa part number #86799 priced at $79.99, total around $160

    2) 2 Calipers right #16-4117 and left #16-4116 rear. 1976 to 1978 Cadillac Eldorado 500 CI V8. Price went up since I looked last $75 + $15 core, each. Total around $180 Oreilly's had the cheapest core charge.

    3) Brake pads cheapest set $17

    4) 2 Caliper bolt/pin kits O'reilly's #F76074S $21 total

    5) Connections for the calipers, I got calipers out of the junk yard $50, and rebuilt them for $20. They came with a brass 90 degree fitting, for the connection I was able to use Steel brake line cost me $7. You will need rubber hoses, or fitting to do the same, What exactly you need, you will have to determine for your situation.

    6) 6 - 1.5"x1/2" long bolts, you can reuse the lock nuts from the backing plates.

    7) Brackets, here we go.
    I have a paper template of the one I made, If you would like to build your own I will be happy to send you 3 files, you will have to print them, tape two of them together and verify that they printed at the correct scale, if you don't and just cut, they probably won't fit. Reach me at

    You can download them yourself .HERE
    There are 3 files about 1 meg each. You need all three. I say again, check the measurements after printing.
    Microsoft Imaging will should display the file properly.

    There will be plenty of copies floating around so do not try to make one from the pic below.
    There are other people working on a CNC program, or other means of making the pattern available. I will post the info when it's done.

    If you would like a set of plates already made, and pretty close to bolt on, (mine bolted on, but haven't done a second set yet) I have a source, or you can deal with him directly, right now it looks like cost will run $85 a pair. If you want a set, email me and I will give you the contact info.

    As cheaper sets are available I will post the info here, or if you are building them let me know and I will add you to the source list.

    With the main bracket there is a 3rd page that has the pattern for a Shim to give the proper spacing for the backing plate, if you don't want to make the shim, you can use washers.

    The E-Brake clip is also on the second page, those dimensions are not fixed, any size piece laying around will do, depends on how you want it to look.

    A) To make the brackets, You will need to pieces of 3/8" plate, 10"x9.5" You can use 5/16", but it will allow more flex, and will not hold as many threads on the Caliper mounting pin.
    B) Print and re-check the measurements on your template.
    c) Cut it out, and tape it to one of the plates.
    D) Center punch the 5 holes on the + in the center of the hole.
    E) Trace around the outside of the Paper template
    F) Cut out your bracket, you will need a Plasma cutter, or a torch for 3/8" plate. Clean the cut as much as you want, but recheck it, must be pretty close to the template for this to bolt on.
    G) Drill the 2 caliper pin holes to 25/64" Be careful to get them straight, If they are off the other end of the pin will not line up with the caliper.
    H) Tap these two holes 7/16" X 20 Threads Per inch. or NF
    I) Drill the 3 Flange mounting bolts. If there is a chance you might be off a Tad drill them to 9/16" or even 5/8" That will allow you to adjust it more later.
    J) Weld the E-Brake clip on the back of the plate. Shown below as "This Dimension" the distance you pick for the first one can be off, but the second plate must be the same as the first or the E-brake will not hold both sides evenly.
    That Dimension should be about 8.5" from the center of the lower caliper pin hole to the Closest side of the E-Brake clip. If the cable seems lose, or tight. I will show you how to adjust that later.
    Weld the clip on at a 45 degree angle, I did not show this in the drawing. The reason for the angle, well look at you E-Brake cable it has a grommet on it, that grommet is molded at 45 degrees, by putting the clip on at that angle it will allow the grommet to sit flush against the clip.
    Hold the 8.5" at the weld, and it will lean back towards the rear of the truck, or pointed towards the axle.
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