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Thread: Two unicorns in one picture

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    Default Two unicorns in one picture

    I had me a custom motorcycle built by combining the front end of a Victory Vision and the rear end of a Victory Cross Country. The Builder was in Watkins Minnesota and I still live in Northern Ohio so it was quite the road trip considering I had to make a stop in Des Moines Iowa on the way home to have the new motor tuned.

    Old stinky had been in mothballs again for a year or so and I figured what better way to give her some exercise and capture two unicorns in the same picture. I did about 1900 miles in three days and had a great trip. The old girl doesn't get used much anymore but it sure is fun when I do. I think the older it gets the more people recognize it as something out of the ordinary.

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    Default Re: Two unicorns in one picture

    Very nice!!

    Me "But Honey, it seats nine!"
    Honey "No way! Have you lost your mind?! Five kids is plenty!"

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    Default Re: Two unicorns in one picture

    These unicorn is a beautiful creature, with a long mane and flowing tail. Its horn is curved, and its eyes are bright blue. Dog Horoscope 2023

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