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Thread: OBS F-150 Crew Cab

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    Default OBS F-150 Crew Cab

    Hi! I'm new to the forum. I live in a Ford crazy family from 150s to custom 1150s to mustangs. We've had them all. I'm only 16 years old and when it came time for my first vehicle recently I found a 96 crew cab F-150 centurion edition. Its very clean and complete, i just need a couple parts here and there. Things like the hood badge that says Centurion, and i would consider things like the wood consoles, or anything like that. If anyone has anything just shout out to me.


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    Default Re: OBS F-150 Crew Cab


    We do have a person trying to copy the hood and door badges. Haven't heard back yet if they are turning out.
    Ebay is a good place to watch for consoles as well.

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