well I went up and picked her up , I bought it from the pictures that where sent to me so I did not really know what to expect , First impression was wow kewl truck/van some resealing needed in the bondo /fiberglass department but not to bad , started up with a boost and ran like a clock no smoke and just a little leak on the right side exhaust ( manifold probably) , checked all the fluids cleaned the windows filled it up with propane 250 liter tank wow 99 cents a liter up here and headed home, 4 hours later 300 miles and a big smile on face pulled into my shop, I have to say what a great ride form theses trucks and what a view out the window , did not use a drop off oil lots off propane I guess have not topped it up yet ,,

It has a few things to fix exhaust leak a good degreasing new plugs and wires and for some reason the cruise, brake lights and emergency 4 ways don't work, other than that a bunch off cracks to seal up in the fiberglass and its a cruiser cant wait,Name:  phone 284.jpg
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