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Thread: What exactly is it?

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    Default What exactly is it?

    I got an '86 cabriolet and I want to accessorize it with grille guard, moon visor, LED lights, the whole nine yards, but the problem I am having is finding the stuff that will fit my rig since it's half van half truck, so does that make it E350/F350? The DMV considers it a motorhome, someone on this forum told me it's an ambulance cut-away, the guy who sold it to me says it's an F-350 drivetrain, this confused the heck out of me. What F-series replacement parts and accessories would fit? I wanted to put an ARB bumper on the front but ARB only makes bumpers for the fourth generation E-series, then I saw one of the cabriolet on this forum had a grill guard on it so I assume it came off of a F-series truck but are the frame's the same width? which model would I look up tranny info since its a diesel dually? I got 2 Haynes repair manuals, one for diesel engine repair and one is E-series gasser and the only useful section in that book is the electronics, would the F-series manual be useful in this equation when it comes to tranny and dually axel? my questions are endless so I'll leave it at this. Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: What exactly is it?

    One of the other owners can probably help more than me.
    The visor should be for a van.
    Frame width I am not sure of, but the in 1986 both the van and the F series had a very flat face so I would imagine the either one would work. If nobody else can say for sure, I would call someone like Lund or luverene or any truck accessories place and have them look up the part numbers for both an F350 and E series that year and see if the part numbers are the same.

    The manuals as far as mechanical components should be the same, just location on the truck is different.

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    Default Re: What exactly is it?

    I can't speak for certain, but I do believe that these were ambulance packages from Ford that Cabriolet purchased and attached their own cab behind the doors and the bed obviously. As for finding the right accessories, that's going to be hard.

    Good Luck and post pics! We need more documentation of these trucks!

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