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Thread: Rear heat!!!

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    Default Rear heat!!!

    ok im looking to clean up the rear heat issue it would be nice to get that whole system and the 4 hoses that run along the frame to the rear gona does anyone know any built proff alternatives?

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    Default Re: Rear heat!!!

    They are not cheap. Companies like Red dot makes them. Might be on their website. Murry, four seasons. Air source maybe.
    Better bet would be check pick and pull yards, Look at conversion vans and see if there is something you like.

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    Default Re: Rear heat!!!

    I would like to get rid of the hoses also on the outside of the rail and go to something else any pics and electric heaters anyone? Looking into these...looks like will need hoses of some sort no matter if it has rear heat and a/c.


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    Default Re: Rear heat!!!

    I'd be looking at rear air components from Explorers/Mountaineers/Aviators & Expeditions/Navigators. But I'd avoid those with digital controls - get them from trucks with "manual" A/C controls.

    An electric heater will stress/overload your alternator before it actually makes a 4-door comfortable. Engine coolant is much more efficient, and cheaper. This is all it takes:

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    Default Re: Rear heat!!!

    If you have a diesel, Webasto makes an air heater. It's not cheap though, over $3000 for the system. Couple of small intake and exhaust hole through the floor, fuel line to the tank, and wiring to a control knob and power. We use them on all our pick ups at work, to reduce idle times. At -40 degrees it will cook you on the highest setting and that is with the engine off. They seem reliable (soot build up in the exhaust once in a while) , we run the 24/7 though the long winters. Trickle chargers are installed on the trucks also, so the batteries are keep charged and heater can stay running when parked and plugged in for the night.
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