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Thread: 78-79 Four Door Bronco Pictures

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    Default Re: ???

    Quote Originally Posted by Chase Schule View Post
    How big are the tires on the 79 blue one on the trailer????
    I think they we 44"s. It was listed on Ebay around 6 years ago and to the best of my memory that was the size. I need to start taking screen shots and saving them.

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    Default Re: 78-79 Four Door Bronco Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by 79Time View Post
    Thought the forum needed a single thread with pictures 78-79 Four Door Broncos.

    The following are the 4 door broncos that I'm aware of and have pictures. I'll update as I find pictures.

    1978 2wd 4 Door (In 2006 this was in OH)

    Gray 4dr with F600 Front

    Thought I would add a little closure to this post, to make it easier for others to find info about these builds.

    Here is the 78 2wd. It is currently being converted to 4wd, and Cummins swapped:

    The grey F600 was stripped down, the body was sold, and is currently being rebuilt as the Monster Bronco by Greg Adams for Rislone & Bar's Leak Products. Here is their Facebook page:

    The original builder of the F600 decided to build another one:
    1985 Ford Bronco: No engine right now

    1995 Ford Centurion C150: 351W, E40D, 4x4

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