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Thread: 1993 Ford Centurion C-150 Bronco

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    Default 1993 Ford Centurion C-150 Bronco

    Craigslist add with two posts I combined them into one Notice the price drop over one week

    1993 Ford Centurion C-150 Bronco (Rare 4 Door Bronco) - $3000 (Thornton) Date: 2010-06-04

    Rare 4-door Ford Centurion Bronco 1993 - $3500 (Thornton) Date:2010-05-27
    Version 1
    Selling this rare ford C-150 bronco. These are special conversions done by Centurion for ford to create a 4 door bronco to compete with the suburban. This truck runs well, has 160k miles on it (dont have the exact number right now but can provide). Please contact Chuck at 303-886-0883 for more information about this vehicle. Asking 3500.00 due to rarity of these trucks but willing to negotiate.
    Version 2
    We have for sale a 1993 Ford Centurion C150. These are rare four door broncos that were converted from F150's by Centurion for ford. The vehicle is in good shape albeit a little dirty and the leather roof top needs a little work. The truck currently has slightly over 160k miles on it but runs well and will pass emissions testing. Asking 3000.00 but will to negotiate around this number.

    Call Chuck at 303-886-0883 to setup a time to check it out for yourself. You an e-mail me back if you wish as well, My name is James, I am posting the add for my father who ins't very computer savvy.
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