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Thread: 1988 Ford Bronco Metropolitan

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    Default 1988 Ford Bronco Metropolitan


    1988 Bronco XLT, Metropolitan, 4x4, 4 doors, 3 rows of seats, Stretch Bronco, New Emission test
    5.7 liter V8 fuel injected, Rebuilt HD Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, 130k miles
    Power windows and Power locks, New Pioneer CD Player with 4 Speakers, Console with cup holders
    New Brakes, New Radiator and hoses, new heater core, K&N air filter
    New Vinyl Top, Newer Paint, new windshield, Interior immaculate shape
    New fuel sending unit and fuel pump, everything works, in excellent shape
    New tires, Rear tire carrier, power rear window, rear end rebuilt, new 4 inch exhaust, new catalytic converter
    Very Collectible Vehicle; Asking $3500.00
    Call 303-910-3089 or email me
    I am re listing Bronco. Have not Shown Car, because of recent surgery. Apologize for all the Calls not returned
    This Bronco is NOT an Everyday Driver(Even though it could be). It should be bought as a Collectors Car. Please

    Description of the Metropolitan Bronco; Quoted from Broncozone.com and Wikipedia
    Metropolitan came out of Centurion. In Fact the president of Centurion at the time, left and started Metropolitan. They were only a couple of miles apart in a little town in MI.
    Metropolitan did make some 1 tons, but the majority were stretched 1/2 broncos. They used the factory bronco flip and fold seat and mostly stock Ford Interior. I think they were made from '87 to '91 not sure on production numbers.
    From the late 1980s through its demise in 1996, the Bronco Metropolitan/Centurion was also sold at Ford dealerships as a modified 4-door SUV (making it similar to the Excursion or Suburban).
    The conversion involved combining a new crew cab short bed F-Series truck with a Bronco tailgate and fiberglass top. In addition to adding a third row of seats and more room, a Bronco Centurion/Metropolitan could be ordered using an F-350 as the donor pickup. This made the Centurion/Metropolitan more appealing to people in need of a comfortable tow vehicle, albeit a faster one. Over time the few of these cars that still exist are RARE and VALUABLE, except for the certain percentage of Northern cars that suffered from tailgate rust-out due to poor body paint preparation.

    $3500 (Centennial)


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    Default Re: 1988 Ford Bronco Metropolitan

    Some pics Craigslist Denver
    Attached Images        
    1976 Ford Bronco 'FORDPLA'
    1995 Ford F150 SC short bed
    2010 Ford Sportrac Adrenalin

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