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Thread: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

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    Default My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    Well here's a bit about my rig... Went ahead and used the generic format to save time trying to think of everything. I'm always open to comments, questions, and criticism... feel free to ask or tell anything!


    C-350 4x4

    Came From Factory as:
    F-350 Crew

    Vin: #

    Vehicle history that I know:
    Bought it about a year ago locally... I know what I've done to include the 6 inch lift, 38 12.50 16.5s, Rear tire carrier, Front seats, grille guard, and audio system. Past that it's all mostly unknown thus far.

    351W F.I. ... Shorty headers, K&N Filter, dual Flowmasters.
    C-6 Auto W/ B&M shiftkit.
    Borg Warner (Model ?? Get it later) Manual.
    Rear end:
    ?-Dana 60-?
    Rear end Ratio:
    Front Axle:
    DANA 60 Kingpin Model 4:10 Ratio
    Front hubs:
    Stock Ford Manual lock.
    16.5 X 10
    38'' 16.5 X 12.50 Swamper TSL SX
    Fuel Tank:
    ~25 Gal. Single (Dual conversion project currently underway)
    9,200LB (4,173 Kg)
    (???- Add it later)
    (???- Add it later)
    (???- Add it later)
    (???- Add it later)

    Front seats:
    Swapped single front Bench for modified power buckets from 98 Dodge grand Caravan.
    Power seats:
    Driver's and Passenger's front.
    Second row seating:
    Bench (Bucket swap project in work... Done ETA : next week... in a perfect world.)
    Third row:
    Currently N/A (Have a Bronco style fold up Rear Bench and belts to install eventually)
    Heat AC:
    currently front only. (see Rear AC below...)
    Rear heat:
    Currently N/A (May change down the road)
    Rear AC:
    Planning a rear AC system project using systems and hardware from an old Scottsdale Suburban I parted... Will post the project once I start on it sometime down the road... Stay tuned if interested.
    Rear window Defrost:
    Yes (Standard Bronco wire style)
    Power Windows:
    Front and back. (Second row parts search underway)
    Power Door Locks:
    Yes (all doors)
    Power Tailgate window:
    Yes w/ custom aux internal switch on inside rear of truck.
    Cruise Control:
    In dash Sony Explode CD/MP3/WMA Front Aux in, 6 disk changer in center console.
    Sony Explode 6inch round front (250W) and Sony Explode 6X9 rear (250W)
    Full W/ Tach, and Aux. analog Oil / Fuel press and engine / trans temp guages.
    Overhead console:
    Currently N/A (Looking at custom building one with Oak later down the road but haven't even looked into it yet.)
    Dash and Door trim:
    Dash wood look-a-like molding, and wood (don't know type) door panels.
    Tinted side windows, clear front windshield and rear.
    Spare tire Carrier:
    Bronco style rear swing carrier (custom install)
    Rino Lined interior under carpets for water / mud control and protection

    2-tone white w/red center stripe.
    Running boards:
    Front and rear row steps
    Standard Ford Swing Mirrors
    Roof Rack:
    Yes (currently stock aluminum... proposed steel Safari Rack to install later.)
    Reciever Hitch:
    Class 3 2inch
    Rear Bumper:
    Centurion Chrome.
    Tow package:
    Class 3 Hitch W/ Brake controller.
    Front air Dam:
    Currently N/A
    Grille Guard:
    Yes. Chrome, w/ 6'' Offroad lighting
    Rear wind deflector:
    Currently N/A (Rear spoiler assy from Scottsdale Suburban w/ aux lighting to install soon)
    Windshield Visor w/ Aux. Clearance lights installed but needs paint to match still.
    Misc Centurion notes:
    Frame shortened, dual tank switch and systems still installed though no front tank ATM, Body and roof Seams behind cab rear doors (Resin / glass work 2 months ago)
    My current Mods:
    6 inch Skyjacker lift / 38 Swampers. Front Bucket seat swap, Grille guard and lighting, offroad flood lighting on upper front, rear external swing type tire carrier, Custom rear bumper, and tow package, CB Radio w/ single rear whip, overhead Visor, 1,500 W Rockford Fos. 4 channel w/ Power cap, 2x Prestige 1,500 W 12'' woofers in Dual Bandpass, 6 Disk changer, true dual Flowmasters (Side exit behind rear axle), B&M shiftkit, aux Fuel and oil Press, trans and eng temp guages, shorty headers, K&N filter, tailgate window interior controlls on tailgate, RinoLining under carpets and rear.

    My Future Mods:
    Replace warped and damaged front right quarter panel, and drivers door, Re glass separating rear fiberglass seams near tailgate, Install rear spoiler Assy and rear AC system from Scottsdale Suburban, 7.3 first Gen. Ford or similar Cummins Diesel swap, front and rear Air Lockers, winch, second row bucket seat swap, and third row seat install, propane heat and stove install, rear shell side slider window install, Manual override for rear power tailgate window, custom overhead console w/ entertainment and GPS / AC/Heat vent output and lighting, Dual t-cases, beadlocks for 16.5 rims for lower PSIs or 17" rim and tire swap, Repaint entire rig, 5:08 or similar gears, suspension spring lift for rear to eliminate blocks and install ladder bars on rear, Safari / cargo rack install and overcab offroad K/C lighting install, and anything else I think of after I post this.

    I will attempt to post a few, but otherwise here is a link...


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    Default Re: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    How did you add the rear tire carrier? Is it from a Ford? If so, are their internal brackets you need to bolt it to? I have the carrier, but didn't know what was on the back side.

    Otherwise, nice truck, seems like you've done a lot and have a lot to go!

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    88 bronco T-Top, 302 (gt40p heads, comp cam, ford racing headers), AOD, BW-1356, 6 inch suspension lift, 35 procomps
    - waiting for me to finish a 514efi and front/rear 60's.
    92 Centurion 7.3idi, Banks non-wastegated turbo, E4OD, BW 1356, 35 procomps.
    82 E350 Cabriolet "Vanchero" 460/C6/4.11posi
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    Default Re: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    Excellent description. I like your current mods and look forward to the future projects! I will definately watch the rear AC... Also nice to see what 38's look like with a a 6 inch lift. I just picked mine up last week and she needs new tires.


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    Default Re: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    Very Nice Ride!!!

    Thanks for posting..

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    Default Re: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    now thats a nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    Thanks for the comments!.... Always appreciated.

    As for the carrier, I picked it up on Craigslist for a matching year Bronco. For the hinge mounts I drilled some .128 Pilots, and full sized the holes with reamers to .250 (1/4'') to get solid holes with no fiberglass breakout.. I had some time and motivation on my hands at the time so used some 1/4''X3'' Flat stock and a roller bender to build backing plates then drilled the holes through and welded some nuts on the backside.
    I then added some sealant on them to "glue" the plates in place on the inside of the fiberglass. For the lower hinge I also used a long bolt and removed the center tailgate mount bolt and ran the longer bolt through the hinge from the outside and through an open hole in my backing plate (clamping it all together with a locknut) then straight into the bolt hole for the tailgate and used that mount as the nut to add extra support for the assembly through the solid tailgate support.
    (I can post some diagrams, pictures, and dimentions for clarity if anyone is interested... let me know).

    As for the latch... I also picked up a stock tailgate off a matching year Bronco (my Centurion gate was riddled with rust) and it already had the factory mount points and backing plate for the latch installed so I used that, however I'm sure some holes backed up with a similar backing plate, or large washers in the stock Centurion gate would provide plenty of support for the latch.

    I've had the carrier installed for a few months now and the only problem I ran into with it is that the extra weight made the side fender panel wiggle enough to generate a squeak in the join between the rear quarter panel on the left and the top. However, that was easily resolved with a 1/2 inch thick square of rubber between the inside of the quarter, and the tailgate. In hindsight for piece of mind, I wish I had used larger bolts than the 1/4'', however, have not had any problems from them thus far.

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    Default Re: My Rig... '88 C-350 4x4

    i think your tires are very sexy
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