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Thread: 82 Cabriolet

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    Default 82 Cabriolet

    So, since my last posting got wiped out, I thought I'd throw mine back up here again.

    I have an 82 Cabriolet conversion. It has a 460/C6 combo with 4.11 Posi rearend. I haven't done much to it since I've gotten it, just replaced the headlights, removed the air pump and 'modified' the bracket so it looks like nothing went there, and installed some gauges (pictures below).
    In the near future, I will be replacing the window rubber on the driver's side so it won't whistle going down the road, and I'm getting an install kit to hook up a CD player.
    In the distant future I want to swap in a 7.3IDI turbo diesel for better fuel milage.
    Here's the pics:

    So there it is. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

    <img src=http://www.supermotors.net/getfile/780790/fullsize/trucks_wideshot.jpg border=0 alt= />
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    Default Re: 82 Cabriolet

    Sure looks comfy in the back I would be taking the wife on some drives out in the woods lol....
    I love this smiley
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    Default Re: 82 Cabriolet

    Quote Originally Posted by LarryP View Post
    Sure looks comfy in the back I would be taking the wife on some drives out in the woods lol....

    I bet you to would run out of gas too.

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    Default Re: 82 Cabriolet

    That thing is sweet. It looks super comfortable LOL
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    Default Re: 82 Cabriolet

    not bad, wouldnt mind having one, would be tough to drive to school everyday though, lol
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