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Thread: Sterling 10.25 Trac lock rebuild

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    Default Re: Sterling 10.25 Trac lock rebuild


    I am new to this forum but this trac lock rebuild thread is the best!

    I know it is quite old now but I am looking for more information about this, there seems to be a lot of confusion. my truck is a 1987 with the 10.25" limted slip rear end.

    So a few weeks ago I bought the Yukon YPKF10.25-PC-L clutch kit thinking that is what I had. When I opened up my diff i was wrong. Please see pictures. In each photo, the clean disk is the Yukon kit i bought and the oily/shiny disk is the pack that came out of my truck. My spider gears are 28 spline and that Yukon kit is a 26 spline. Also the ears are very different sizes and have a retainer piece in my truck.

    Original axle and carrier, and it has "Ford" stamped on it, so clearly 2 different carriers in this axle and this is the only forum I can find referring to the same pack as mine. why is the spicer carrier so much more rare? and is one "better" that the other? why would ford use 2 different ones?

    So my problem is i CANNOT find this spicer kit anywhere. I am told "its out of date and replace your carrier" by every single sales person. I figured someone would have old stock on it somewhere but I keep getting told the same thing. I am incredibly frustrated.

    Does anyone know where I can get this kit (Dana Spicer 72960X)? or does anyone know if you can shim this pack to give it more life?

    I don't want to replace the carrier because its way too costly.

    Thanks for anyone who can help me.

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    Default Re: Sterling 10.25 Trac lock rebuild

    Hello, its me again.

    I ended up not being able to find the dana clutch pack. Every salesman everywhere said they are not being made anymore and there is no more old stock. But I still wanted to fix my limited slip diff for inexpensive and not replace my housing or gears.

    So I figured I could replace some of the lost material and give it new life so I bought Several thicknesses of steel shim stock. Before I started I measured the approximate break away torque of the rear end and it was about 10-20 ft-lbs. According to my service manual it should be between 40 and 200 ft-lbs, so very worn out.

    After taking apart the carrier I cut out 2 0.015" shims to fit in each clutch pack. I placed 1 each between the housing and the first friction disk on either side. I spent about 3 hrs trying to reassemble the gears before giving up. The pre-load was too much to squeeze the gears in. So I tried 2 0.007" shims in the same spot and eventually got it assembled. I rechecked the break away torque with the shims and it was above 150 ft-lbs. Unfortunately that's as high as my torque wrench reads but I figured it was closer to 200 based on how much I had to push. After I got it all back together I tested it out on dirt gravel and snow and it worked perfectly.

    I hope this helps someone out as a cheap way to bring new life to your limited slip diff.

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