Conversation Between AK Westphal and slippylogan

  1. slippylogan
    It was a pain in the butt to remove hope to never have to do it again sorry it took so long been busy at work
  2. AK Westphal
    How was removing the black bedliner? I've always wondered how nasty that would be So you painted it again with white bedliner? My roof cracked pretty bad the first winter I had it up here, should have pulled a tarp over it, Time to do some grinding and bondo this summer. I was wondering about the RV roof paint that I used to use every summer on the trailer I owned just out of high school, it worked great as long as I did it every spring.
  3. slippylogan
    The top held up great till I wanted to white again so I did it again about a month a go have not had the time to get pics up yet
  4. AK Westphal
    so how is the bedliner on the roof holding up?
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