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  1. AK Westphal
    Do you still have your truck? I never caught up with you last summer, figure you'll make the rounds with the lincon again, I'll try and track you down this summer.
  2. Shift
    Hey, haven't been on here in a bit. I put my truck on craigslist for sale. I will have it at the drags tomorrow and probably at the fathers day car show also.
  3. AK Westphal
    Sorry still figuring some of the details of this sight out. just realized I had a few messages from months ago. My truck came with shackle reversal and tripple rancho 5000s. Don't think they were valved to be tripples either. Ride was terrible. I got red of the 20's and am rolling on 16's again. rear is stock springs and block with traction bar/ladder bar set up to get red of axle wrap. So you're running a single 9000 rancho at each corner then? I pulled the tripples and left the best shock on each corner. I think my brother nearly bought your truck when it was for sale before. I've always liked these things and am glad to finally have one.

    I'd like to take a look at the suspension on your truck some time. Will it be at any of the shows this summer or just your car? I'm trying to figure out how to update my info on here to show a bit more about the truck.
  4. Shift
    Just saw in a thread you were in Alaska. Don't think I have seen your truck yet. What color is it? There is a nearly identical to my truck, C-150 in town also.

    Anyways, I have the new Rancho adjustable shocks. They worked awesome. Usually, Ranchos last 1-- maybe 2 winters up here. Spent $700 on them I think. Way better than the triple shocks that weren't valved for being tripled up though.

    I want to do an air ride setup on mine, front and rear. Haven't fully committed to it though...too many other projects.
  5. AK Westphal
    Hey I've seen your truck around town, had some questions about your suspension set up and how it rides. I have reverse shackle setup already, but with tripple shocks the ride is pretty bad, what have you decided after running singles?
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