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  1. choptop
    I didnt kow anyone made the extended crewcab chevy until about 6 months ago when I was searching for info on my 86 GMC extended cab. I have found a few more. They are on my website Drop in sometime when you get a chance and look around in the Gallery, it's for all conversions. It's still a work in progress, the site is done, just have to get more info on it.
  2. Diezel
    Thanks, it was done by centurion. I tell you, it sure gets tons of looks. Every time I go to gas stations or anywhere for that matter, people want to come over and talk to me about it. Even the truckers honk and wave as I drive down the road. lol You say you have a chevy one. Now that I have never seen. I saw a dodge one at the quarter horse congress where my truck was at in the late 90's. They had several trucks like mine in different colors though.Every yr centurion would have the classics there also.I sure had seen some nice ones growing up.
  3. choptop
    I just realized your truck was an extended crewcab. I didnt know anyone ever did that to a Ford. I have a Chevy extended crew. I love your truck.
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