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  2. kto17
    What part of NY are you in? My wife is from way upstate. We drive up every year to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Planning to drive the Centurion this year.

    Just noticed your profile says FL. Your 2-Door has NY tags...?
  3. kto17

    Thank you! I've been looking for months and finally found one I felt good buying. I had to have it shipped from WA state to GA, but it was worth it. Normally I would say make an offer because everything is forsale for the right price, but this one is the most original that I've ever seen other than a few other members trucks. The white 2-door is forsale!

  4. TheProfsk

    Congratulations on your new Centurion purchase, that's a beauty! I just love that style. Seriously you just may have my dream truck there. Not to be silly but what would it take to get you to sell it to me hahah?


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