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    Jacob, I just looked over your pictures of your E350 and thought I would try and see if you are still around. I have a 1989 E350 not all decked out as yours but I have just started so who knows.

    I had never seen one till my wife said look at that, it was for sale along side the roadway and I was looking for something to pull a trailer with and maybe a tractor trailer.

    I noticed you had it by a trailer, did you pull a 5th wheel with it and how did it do if you did. I also noticed all the radios and the FD emblem, I'm a HAM operator well I have a licen haven't had much time to do anything for a long time. I am a Army Veteran and retired from the Fire Service after 32 years due to my time in the Army over seas 1968-69 . Also I am very Proud to be an American even though I'm not happy the way things are now. Jerry
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