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  1. AK Westphal
    Yeah, we were out of state for holidays and got back to -30. Warmed up a bit, but dropped right back off this weekend and -40 again. Lucky it stayed warm enough for me to get plow going and driveway clear. I haven't been on here much as of late, but I'm looking for any excuse not to go outside.
  2. AK4x4van
    sorry, just getting back into the habit of checking in on here again. you can find old pics of my van here:
    I was just in fairbanks last week, brr, it was cold. felt like I was on the slope. bought a boat up there and spent some time digging it out and dealing with flat tires
  3. AK Westphal
    Nice truck, Do you have any pics of your van? I replaced my coil last year after reading your post about updating ignition to msd, what a difference really straightened things out. Let me know if you make it up Fairbanks way.
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