View Full Version : 1994 c350 idi turbo buil question

03-09-2013, 05:13 PM
I have a 94 C350 and 2 years ago went off road without the top on. The body twisted and i have a couple small tears by the roof line behind the rear doors but no major bends or kinks that i can see. The problem i have now is that any time i go over even small bumbs the body creeks and pops. I plan on doing the body work next winter but i am looking for suggestions on how to make the body stronger, because the top is off all summer and i roll with my soft top on. I dont want a full roll bar unless i have no other choice because i dont do any extream off roading anymore other than a ride on old logging road here and there. If anyone has pics or ideas of what they have done and if it work or did not to stiffen up to prevent further problems i would appreciate it.