View Full Version : Does anyone have a brochure for 1990 Cabriolet "half & halfs"?

06-07-2010, 11:00 AM

i've located a 1990 Cabriolet cruiser conversion with 92K on a 1990 Ford F-350 chassis with Banks Sidewinder turboed 7.3 liter diesel, recently rebuilt & "heavied up" E4OD transmission, Gearvendors overdrive & US Gear exhaust brake.

the truck has some issues cosmetically but runs strong. also it over the years has been (i think) "junked up" with what i suspect are NOT stock Cabriolet parts.- i'd (being a clean-mouthed as possible) call it " Bordello Modern design by donald trump".

IF anyone happens to have a suitable CABRIOLET brochure that has interior/exterior photos, please advise.

i will happily pay yopu for your time/trouble.

thank you, PG

06-07-2010, 12:48 PM
Those are I would not imposable to find, just going to be hard IMO. So you got Pickup or Van half & half?


06-07-2010, 10:41 PM

NO self-respecting Texican in the old days would admit to be a SHEEP-man! and it could get your neck stretched, if you weren't careful by cattleraisers.

not only do i not have pictures, but no camera either. but what i've found looks like the front half of a e-350 snubnose van bred to a fiberglass pickup bed.

the original PA title says that the vehicle is a Ford-Cabriolet custom-made truck.

what SEEMS to be original is a pair of captains chairs up-front & a fold down bench seat in the rear that makes-up into a double bed. both front & back seats & much of the other interior are covered with LAVENDER velour in a diamond tufted pattern & Christmas-tree LIGHTS everywhere.
(see what i mean by "bordello design"? ====> YETCH!)

thanks, PG
native Texican from Camp County & former TWU student

06-08-2010, 07:31 AM
Okay, that clears it up, what you have is should be based on an E350 chassis, not F350. Cabriolet did make versions based on F350's, but I believe they are even harder to find then their van counterparts.
I have been told they were the ambulance version from the factory (dually real axle, just the front cab opening up to nothing in the rear, and a lot of wiring for extra lights). As for brochures, it's hard to find. If you do some searching on Ebay, you'll find some. If memory serves there is one or two out there for the truck versions and perhaps one or two on the van version. I believe the van versions were closer to your year model then mine. The interior sounds about right. The velour definitely sounds like Cabriolet. The Christmas lights, perhaps not.
Get some pics up when you can, I'd like to see what you have. As for what it's suppose to look like, you can check out mine on this forum, I have some pics up of the interior. Even though mine's an 82, it will at least get you a jump off point.
Welcome and congrats on your find! Especially with the diesel,turbo,gear vendor and exhaust brake. I'm extremely jealous!