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AK Westphal
06-05-2010, 11:53 PM


Came From Factory as:
F-350 Crew cab

Vin: #

Vehicle history that I know:
Owned by female Sherrif in Washington and it was her Baby. Sold it to Pat a retiring city worker who towed his boat with it for several years. He bought a motor home and didn't need the truck anymore so put it up for sale. It was posted on here for sale in Omak Washington. First owner did a lot of add on electrical, probably ok originally but age and carelessness routing caused it to be a mess by the time I got it. She also added 20's. Second owner added flame tint and gauges, also a few Harley stickers. He wasn't a fan of the 20's either.

460 efi
E4OD, supposedly with a shift kit.
manual floor shift. Stock.
Rear end:
Believe these are all sterling axles but will check and post. Drum brakes and 1.5" spacers, bring tires out even with the front.
Rear end Ratio:
4.10, may change to lower gears
Front Axle:
Dana 60 ball joint axle with disc brakes.
Front hubs:
manual locking ford hubs. Work for now.
16x10 aluminum
315/75 R16 toyo open country mud terrain. Nice tires load range E. Can't hear them over the exhaust.
Fuel Tank:
Single rear tank, not sure total size but ran to empty and put in 33 gallons. Have not run out of gas so don't know total capacity.
fricken heavy, I'll get it across the scale at some point and post the number.
18 feet 6 inches from brush gaurd to rear bumper.

Cloth or leather:
gray leather
Front seats:
40/20/40 center seat folds down and amp mounted in compartment under center seat. Base of seat lifts up.
Power seat:
Nope, but on a rig this old that is fine by me.
Second row seating:
60/40, fold and roll forward.
Third row:
Fold down bed, but would like to make it a quick release bronco style, has anybody done this?
Heat AC:
Heat and AC, both work great.
Rear heat:
Floor heat cooks you out of the truck even in an Alaska winter.
Rear AC:
No but so far doesn't seem to be needed either.
Rear window Defrost:
Yes and is handy.
Power Windows:
Power windows for all.
Power Door Locks:
All four.
Power Tailgate window:
Cruise Control:
Yes, but there is a recall on the brake shut off so I don't use it.
aftermarket stereo but hooked to factory amp under the front seats.
6 that I have found, 2 in doors. Two 6x9s right behind rear seat, and two at rear gate in the roof.
Full with tach all factory but previous owner changed gauge faces to flame style aftermarket. No Km conversion on speedo, pain driving through Canada without it. That was the first time I noticed though:)
Overhead console:
Dash and Door trim:
Yes, but have thought about taking it out and putting stock back. I'm a carpenter and not impressed with Centurions wood working skill.
Tinted, after market. Removed the flame tint from the front two windows, was way too dark to see through at night.
Spare tire Carrier:
Stock 235/85 R16 mounted inside. Trying to come up with a good solution to mount on rear. Best mount I've seen is H2 pickup version. Clean and simple, about the only part of that rig that is.
Overhead handles, used amazingly long screws to mount them, surprised they didn't come out the roof.

Plain white with black pin stripe at top and small black trim at bottom.
Running boards:
Fiberglass running boards molded into flares. Another thing I'd like to change, same size flares, but would like running board with step below, or tube bar with hoop step below.
towing swing away, ok, about minimum for towing.
Roof Rack:
stock rack on bronco top with two cross bars.
Reciever Hitch:
Class III but would like to change to class IV
Rear Bumper:
Regular drop step bumper like most
Tow package:
Yes, but had to buy factory pig tail and brake controller. If you have factory trailer wiring save yourself a lot of trouble and buy the factory pigtail to the 7 prong RV plug.
Front air Dam:
No, but would remove it if it did.
Grille Guard:
Brush guard with headlight protectors.
Rear wind deflector:
Does have key gaurds and judging by how scratched they are it is a good thing.
Misc Centurion notes:
Frame is spliced, shortened right behind front spring mount.
My current Mods:
Truck has shackle reversal kit. Had tripple shocks and steering stablizers. Single shocks now and removed steering stablizers. Rear has block and traction bars. Headers, dual exhaust and no cat (wish they hadn't done that).

My Future Mods:
lighter springs, maybe smaller tires. Exhaust needs work, and would like to make it quieter (I'm getting old I guess). Class IV reciever, rear tire carrier. may convert the rear back to bronco interior. Also may change gear ratio if I don't change tire size smaller. Tube steps, and roof repair. Could go on quite a bit, but that'll keep me busy a while. Rear tail lights may go back to stock.

anything else and on to the pics.

06-07-2010, 06:00 AM
Nice west coast shape truck for sure!

People always seem to be looking for the wood trim, if you decide to change it sell that stuff to some on here :xyxthumbs: