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11-26-2004, 04:28 AM
I know it's not a Centurion but I am selling it because I bought the Centruion. ?It goes on Ebay Friday and I pasteing the same text in here. ?It's different so take a look just for the heck of it.

Hello you are bidding on a 1986 Chevy Suburban. ?I know folks always say there vehicle is one of a kind so I won?t use that line but I think this one is pretty unique. ?It?s a heavy-duty ? 4x4 but is has a conversion package including a raised roof with a TV and VCR plus an FM modulator so the TV or VCR plays through the radio speakers. ?The interior has four leather Flex Steel Captain chairs and a leather third seat that lays down into a bed. ?It has front and rear heat and air plus a custom console with a built in CB radio although it does not work. ?It also has a built in Radar Detector and Voyager trailer brake controller. ?She has tilt, cruise, windows and locks. ?It still has the factory am/fm cassette player that has something to be desired but it works. ?The windows have the dark factory tint not aftermarket. ?

The conversion was done by Komfort Koach in Louisville, KY. ?I bought it from the original owner in Louisville in 1998. ?The truck has 169,000 miles but it had a new 350 cid engine installed at 100,000 miles. ?The truck has 4.10 gears with a locking diff in the rear and auto hubs up front, all work perfect. ?The truck originally came with a turbo 400 tranny but I had a 700R4 overdrive tranny custom built at 115,000 miles. ?With the 4.10 gears it really needed overdrive. ?I spent $1700.00 having this tranny built by a professional tranny shop. ?The tranny is very heavy duty and built so that I can tow in overdrive. ?This Tranny is truly awesome. ?With the overdrive the fuel mileage improved and the noise level went down plus the acceleration is improved because the 700r4 has a lower first gear. ?We even changed the selector in the dash so it all looks factory.

I recently used the truck on a 2200 mile trip pulling my car hauler with 4x4 fullsize truck half of that distance. ?The suburban preformed perfect and the tv makes the time go quick for the passengers. ?This is a great truck for road trips. ?I have used it for many many trips with six adults. ?It is great for the kids and camping. ?With the 4x4 you can really get into the back country if you want. ?

This is one of the vehicles that I said I would never sell but I recently bought another truck that I have wanted for years. ?It is a four door bronco with the diesel. ?Anyway as much I hate to the Suburban is up for sale. ?This is a no reserve auction but I also have it listed in the local papers so I reserve the right to end the auction early if I find a local buyer.

Mechanically the truck is in great shape. ?As stated above the engine and tranny are newer. ?It has a new starter, radiator, alternator and this list goes on. ? The tires are about 50% with no cracking that wheels are original to the conversation and have some pits but still clean up pretty well. ?The interior is great with only one small tear on the driver seat. ?There is some staining on the windshield piller material. ?The dash has one 4 inch crack and the windshield also has one 5 inch crack that is not in the line of sight. ?This truck has never been wrecked. ?It has about 90% original paint. ?There is a small pressure dent in the left rear cargo door from someone falling into the door. ?The chrome is in nice shape. ?
The A/C does work but I have to have it charged at least once a year so I?m sure there is a slow leak somewhere. ?I?m not big on A/C anyway so I usually wait till we take a big vacation in the heat of the summer then have it charged each year if needed.
Now for the bad news. ?This truck has been used in Ohio and Kentucky during the winter months and it does have rust. ?The left rear lower quarter has a hole and both rocker panels have small holes at the back. ?You can see this in the pictures. ?What you likely can?t see are the small scabs and surface rust. ?I used touch up paint on about 6 spots so they don?t show up or look bad however they will need some attention in the future if you want to keep it nice. ?The rear cargo doors have rust along the bottom and I think you can see it in the photos. ?Also it needs front inner fender wells but what 18 year old Chevy truck in the north does not. ?All in all it is not too bad for the year and original paint but it is not rust free and it will require repairs if you want it to remain looking good. ?I sure would like to see it go to a good home and get the attention that it needs. ?I did have it painted below the chrome molding after I bought it. ?I did not replace any metal just patched it up.

11-26-2004, 04:29 AM
More Pics

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That is a nice burbon,your cent must be perfect.

12-01-2004, 02:48 PM
1986 ?Chevrolet : Suburban ?Silverado CENTURION WANTA BE
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12-01-2004, 07:05 PM
Now that's an idea!!