Two Doors

  1. The  good ol' days.  88 XLT i6 4spd, Brown 78 Ranger 460, Black 79 XLT Lariat 460.
  2. 88 pulling 79
  3. 79 in the garage
  4. Brown Betty before the lift.
  5. My sons toy Bronco.
  6. Interior reinstalled after painting.
  7. Son on custom bumper made by my uncle.  He was second owner who purchased it used sometime around 82.  Later purchased by my sister.  Long block...
  8. Open rear, with new motor in the tail gate.
  9. Another shot of dash removal.
  10. plywood rear side pannels lightly sanded and painted to match cab interior.  Sony Explode 8" subs in rear pannels powered by an under the driver seat...
  11. 80 Custome, removed all dash and plastic trim.  Kick pannels, window trim, door pannels.
  12. Panoramic shot of repainted dash
  13. Drivers side showing repainted trim.  Interior was 4 different shades of white.  Drivers door is actually red plastic.
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