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10-12-2010 11:54 AM
'95 Powerstroke
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  1. brodycenturion4x4
    hey did you you have that top custom made or can you buy those some where?

    btw that is thee most badass centurion ive ever seen.
  2. 4doorbronko
    Top was made by Skyler, they sold out to Bronco Graveyard who is supossed to start producing them again.
    They've been saying that for at least 4 years though.
  3. brodycenturion4x4
    Oh sweet how much did they cost back then? I know a guy that can make one for me but I'm obviously going for a cheaper one. And are they as secure as the hard top, as in could I leave the truck in a parking lot with the soft top on and not worry about someone breaking in through it? Thanks alot!
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