1994 Centurion

  1. '94 Centurion 350 winter tow test 2
  2. '94 Centurion 350 winter tow test 1
  3. '94 Centurion 350 winter tow test 3
  4. '94 Centurion 350 winter tow test 4
  5. Only picture I have of how truck looked when I bought it came from the original add on here.  Sorry I should have taken a few more before I started...
  6. Front seats have some wear.  A little dry and some cracking only major tears are the one visible on drivers seat.  Not bad for age.
  7. Rear seats are in great shape.  Driver side seat belt does need replaced.  Son Clifford sleeping in car seat, hey it's hard to find time to get...
  8. Removed the triple shocks and just left one Rancho 5000 per corner.
  9. Added 1.5 inch wheel spacers and brought tires out to edge of fender flares.  Much better look.
  10. 315/75 R16 toyo opencountry mud terrain 
16x10 rims
  11. Smaller rims, new tires, now CB antenna, and I lost some window tint.  Too bad you can't see all the wiring that's been removed, still chasing a few...
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